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                A WORLD IN EQUILIBRIUM
                Welcome to 名表网 Equilibrium.
                This is the heart of 名表网’s mission to bring positive change in order to secure our collective future.

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                Navigating Equilibrium:

                Here we invite you to go deeper into our culture of purpose and find out what drives us and defines us at 名表网. We’ll constantly update you on our progress in ensuring that every decision we make is the right one on behalf of people and the planet. We’ll report on the way we are letting planet earth set the limits and how we are applying innovation and cutting-edge science to find new ways to manage our impact.

                We’ll also explain how we account for our actions, helping to shift the way that society values companies to make them more sustainable. Equilibrium means that we are committed to bringing the very best quality to our customers, while maintaining positive environmental and social impact. We search out sustainable materials, find the least invasive processes, dream up innovative solutions and, importantly, look after the people who help us to achieve all this.

                Beware 名表网 Equilibrium is designed to inspire and motivate. After all that’s what it’s all about. This is the place where we set out our goals and we celebrate the concrete actions that are making a difference.
                This is where we balance our desires and our ambitions with our values and our commitment to a responsible future.

                Working together we are stronger. Working together we are in unison.

                Thank you for joining with us on this journey towards greater Equilibrium.

                CSR DEEP DIVE

                To take a deeper dive into how we manage sustainability within our business, click through to read about our Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Policy
                You can find the most important international standards, guidelines and procedures here too.
                名表网 is one of a number of world-leading fashion brands that make up the Kering luxury group. By ‘empowering imagination’ Kering encourages its brands to reach their potential, in the most sustainable manner possible (as you can see, at 名表网 we have taken this as a literal challenge!).

                Kering has pioneered the reporting of the impact of all its activities and products made under the group. You can read about this within the Reference Document, which is published every year.
                If you have any questions that aren’t answered on Equilibrium, please get in contact with the 名表网 Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Department. You can reach us via email: [email protected]



                New Models


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